Step by Step Plan to Monetize Blog

In conducting blogging activities, you should make careful planning before launching your website or blog. By preparing a plan then you can specify the goals and targets of the blog. It is purposes so you can be successful in obtaining optimal results.

As you know a blog can be monetized through various ways such as affiliate programs, contextual advertising, Amazon Associates, eBay affiliates, paid reviews as well as direct advertising. To turn a blog into a profitable tool is not easy as you think, you need step by step plan to achieve the objective.

The early plan that you should do as the following:

Keyword Research

To achieve a satisfactory result from the activity of blogging for money, you have to research the main keyword for your blog. You need time to do keyword research using keyword tools that are available for free like the Wordtracker Free Keyword Tool and Google Keyword external tool. Once you get the main keyword for your blog, make a few articles that discuss about your keyword interest.

Getting Traffic

Traffic is a major thing for your blog. First you can use the Social Bookmarking and Social Networking website like StumbleUpon, Digg, MyBlogLog, Delicious and forum. This website is free and have many visitors every day. If your article is unique and interesting, of course many people will be interested to visit it.

Build Backlinks

To improve the quality of the blog, a blogger should develop quality backlink in accordance with the search engine regulations. If your blog/website has many qualities backlinks then you will get many visitors regularly, especially organic traffic that coming from search engines. A Blogger should use seo techniques to improve the quality of the blog on search engines. Some other ways to get quality backlinks is to register your blog into blog/web directories, become a guess blogger on another blog, make comments on other blogs or through social networking and post an article in famous article directory (ezine articles, go-articles and article base). You should also write articles regularly in your blog, because search engines love fresh articles that useful for readers.

Search engine optimization

One effective way to optimize a blog on search engine is by creating internal links between each article of your blog. Create links using your main keywords as anchor text so that your blog can rank high on search engines. In addition, from the first time you should use SEO techniques on your blog, and if you follow the affiliate's program, do not forget to make all your affiliate links with tag "no-follow" so your on-site linking goes well.

PPC Advertising

If you want to get traffic quickly you can use PPC advertising through advertising programs like Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Adbrite or Bidvertiser. The objective is to attract more visitors to your blog. To use PPC advertising or other advertising programs, you must have a blog or programs that attract the target audience so that the process of promotion and marketing blog become effective.

Traffic Analysis

To know the development of your blogs, you should use a traffic analyzer tool like Google Analytics. Google analytics can help the blogger or webmaster to analyze a wide range of factors in your blog, such as the origin of visitors, the number of visitors, top keywords of your blog in search engine, bounce rate, etc. This statistic can help you to be more focus on your blog and to keep satisfying your readers.

Finally, you should do all these steps repeatedly. After that you can monetize your blog as you wish, but keep your blog identity to maintain your loyal readers.

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