Driving Traffic to Your Affiliate Marketing Site - The Key Seven Ways

Author: Michael McCleve

Affiliate marketers need traffic just like every other online marketer. Having the perfectly-targeted traffic is even more crucial. Pay attention to each of these seven key ways for driving highly focused traffic and you'll find tremendous success in your affiliate marketing business.

Search Engine Traffic - The First Key
Many affiliate marketers will spend a fortune on pay-per-click advertising, ezine advertising, and even offline advertising before they even begin to think about the power of search engine traffic. Search engines should not be ignored when putting together your traffic plan. Getting ranked highly in the search engines is a critical component for building link popularity, developing long-term and sustainable traffic, as well as getting the right person to visit your site. Of course, using keywords targeted to the product you are promoting is vitally important.

Exchanging Links - The Second Key
Developing partnerships with other webmasters is another excellent method for getting traffic to your own site. It does, of course, take some work to find other sites that are in a similar niche as you without them being your competition, but developing a relationship with just such webmasters can pay handsomely! Once you've found the right web sites, contact the owner personally. Individualize any email you send to the owner. Don't just send out some template-built, canned email asking to exchange links. Build the relationship and offer to put up a link for them, first. Tell them what you'll do for them. Then, as trust grows, you are in a position to ask them to put a link up for you.

Article Marketing - The Third Key
When you advertise your site through writing articles and posting them in multiple article directories, you're building long-term exposure and powerful backlinks to your site. People do go searching for good content and are willing to visit the site listed at the bottom of a well-written article to learn more from the author. When that link takes the reader to a high-value gift, or freebie, then you're most likely to get them on your email list where you can continue to build a relationship with them and they'll be more likely to want to buy something from you.

Joint Venture Partnerships - The Fourth Key
The joint venture partnership takes the exchanging links strategy to an entirely different level. This powerful effective method for getting traffic starts by developing a strong relationship with others in your industry, or niche, who offer related products and services without being direct competitors to what you are doing. It does take a similar amount of work to find the right people, build a relationship with them, and set up the mutually beneficial partnership, but it's well worth it in the end!

Joining Affiliate Programs - The Fifth Key
When you are part of a larger, more expansive affiliate program you leverage the power of an entire army of affiliates working to drive massive amounts of traffic to your site. You can also develop relationships with other affiliates, work together to develop new traffic strategies, and make some extra money by promoting their products, too.

Email Marketing - The Sixth Key
An affiliate marketer's most powerful tool is the autoresponder. You absolutely must have a reliable service that helps you capture the names and email addresses of visitors coming to your site. Don't ever send someone directly to your affiliate page where the product is introduced and sold to the visitor. Always send them to a squeeze page where you offer them a freebie, or high-value gift, in exchange for their email address. Then, of course, the next page can be your affiliate product offering. This way, even if they don't buy what you're offering, you still have their email address for following up and continuing to build a relationship with them.

Market Expertise - The Seventh Key
Knowing your market, the demographics of your ideal buyer, and understanding where they hang out online is another solid way of getting traffic to your affiliate site. The more you know about your potential customer, the more targeted your traffic can be. It also means less work you have to do in convincing the visitor to your site that what you're offering is what they are looking for. Why? Because you've done your homework on the front end, narrowing down your potential visitor first.Advancing your affiliate marketing success will come by employing key traffic-generating tools. Using search engine traffic, link exchanges, article marketing, joint venture partnerships, affiliate programs, email marketing, and market expertise will turn the lock and open the door to highly-focused, laser-targeted traffic you need to be successful.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/affiliate-programs-articles/driving-traffic-to-your-affiliate-marketing-site-the-key-seven-ways-2697066.html

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