Get Paid To Write Online (Part.1)

One of the easy ways to make money online is through writing article. Especially for a blogger that has made writing as routine activity. Actually, writing has become one of my hobbies, so now I optimize it to get online income. I have been joined with some websites to make money from writing or selling articles.

You can use media such as blog or website and monetize it using paid to blog website, or you can publish/sell articles on a particular website. However, I do not use paid to blog website anymore because it has negative effects for my blog. It will decrease the PageRank, lower blog SERP in major search engines, and also disturbs our loyal readers. Actually, the income generated through paid to blog website may be greater but for the long term this system is very risky for a blog or website in compared to other pay to write websites. Meanwhile, search engines do not like it because sometimes the article or review that blogger created does not comply with the niche blogs so it does not provide the appropriate information for Internet users.

Here are some websites that you can use to get money online and have been proven over two years paying their members:

1. Mylot
If you want to get extra income easily, then you can try Mylot. This is a web discussion or like a forum exactly that pays members for every activity in the website. I've joined a few months in Mylot and already got paid several times. You will be paid for every activity, for example, making a new thread, reply a thread and finish a task from the employer.

Although the pay rate of each post is small ($0,01-$0,02), depending on the quality of questions and answers that you provide), but you can get $1 in one day faster than you think. Mylot does not limit how much you post thread or reply. However, you don’t have to force it, just do this appropriately so that the website continues to run smoothly and may keep paying members.

There are a few tips to get money faster in Mylot. First, you should create a useful reply to another member. If you create a good reply and chosen as the best answer by the thread creator, then you can get a higher pay rate. For example, I've only posted 10 replies in one day, and received two best answers from the thread creator, and that day I got $0,18. This means, two of my answers get $0,04. Second, you should create a thread which can attract other members to create an answer, and you can do some tasks that were made by the employer. In addition you can also use the referral system from Mylot. You can get 25% earnings from each member that you refer.

Actually, the earning calculation in Mylot is only known by their team, because it depends on the revenue gained from contextual ads on each thread. Mylot will pay you on 30 net days after you reach $10, and here is my fifth payment from mylot.

Well, it's OK for me, because I only use it to discuss with other members about anything. It's fun because you can socialize, have new friends, increase your knowledge and get extra income. So, if you're interested you can join with more than 190 000 other members including me.

2. Associated Content
This is one of my favorite sites before, associated content pay you to publish articles in their website. There are two ways to get money, first, you could sell articles to them based on their category, but this only applies to the USA citizens. The pay rate is quite good, usually $3-$20 per articles that accepted. International member can get money from the CPM basis or pay-per-performance system. You will get paid per 1000 views from the article that you have created.

You can get $1,5-$2,5 per 1000 views based on your cloud level. This is including the USA citizens, and you can double your income with this site.

You will be paid after you have reached $1,5 in your account, and you can request manually or automatically (if you’re setting it up into automatic payment) in the next 15 days of the following month. I've got paid several times from this site, this is payment proof1 and payment proof2. However right now I don’t active in this site anymore, this is because associated content more restrictive with international members.

However, international member is still able to use this website, but you must apply first to become a professional contributor based on your expertise. You can only write about your expertise, and before you accepted there are some requirements that you should know. Some of the requirements are excellent English writing skills (grammar and spelling), send a professional resume or portfolio about your expertise, etc. That's why I am not active and did not get paid anymore until I submit an application into their system (maybe I will try later). Overall, this website remains one of the favorite websites for writers to get online income.

3. Reviewstream
In reviewstream you can write and sell articles about any product reviewed based on the categories they provide. The site is very simple, no complex menus and all information regarding your account can be viewed by entering your email. The first step, you must create your penname as the identity for each article that you created, then enter your paypal email each time you submit an article (You can use it to contact them, get review information, account information, balance information, and request a payout) to reviewstream.

Usually they will buy your article for $2 each, but now they raise it to $2,5 each article. You will get paid when your account balance reaches $50 into your paypal account. I've been paid several times on this site, you may check my reviewstream payment proof, and you will receive the payment a couple of hours after your payment requests. This is very good for you who need fast and extra money. However, it seems the payout rate is a bit too high for me.

However, this website is not separated from the pros and cons, many members have been paid several times for their contribution including me, but when I search into the search engine, there are some members complain about their system. I don’t know why but it is usually about their approval system. Actually, this website needs three days to assess the review that you submit into on their system.

I have some tips before you submit a review, you should first learn about the tips to create a valuable review. For example, you can see some articles from other members who had been approved by this site, or read the tutorial sections. So, you will know and could create an article based on their rules and expectation.

You should express yourself when creating a review, don’t just write about the product specification (electronic) but tell about your personal experience, pros and cons about the product, etc. Use these tips to create a good recommendation story for readers.

I also prefer not to choose bulk rate payment, because the pay rate is 1/5 from the basic rate ($0.5). If my article is rejected, I can fix it and add it with some sentences, so it will be more detailed and specific. This method proved successful when my article was rejected by reviewstream. I try to fix it and submit it once more to the site. Three days later, my article is accepted and paid with normal rate. This method also helped you learn how to create a valuable review, so you can create a better article and will not be rejected by this site. Thank

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imran said...

What is happening here?

andy said...

@ Imran; What do you mean?


I like money from PTR

Make money online said...

THanks for your article, very useful ,. .

But i did not open the pdf one.

Make money online

afdil said...

very well information you write it very clean. I’m very lucky to get pid to write online info from you.
can you write this in Indonesian? please

Betul gak ya bahasa inggrisku wkwkwkwkwk

maylatun sari said...

great, I am quite new in this paid to write busiess, thanks for the info.

btw, based on your experience, what kind of article to be approve?

andy said...

@ Afdil: Your English is Ok bro. Now, I am trying to build an English blog which is for my research plan. So, maybe I will use a Google translator to help you and other Indonesian bloggers to translate every post automatically. Don't worry the result will be readable because I will check it first before publish a new post. Thank

@ Maylatun: Thank for your comment, you can write anything you like, based on their categories. Most of paid to write website has some categories. However, these are general categories in our life, such as health, entertainment, review product, technologies, sport, tips, cooking recipe, website, food, etc. You should take a look for a better explanation and their TOS. Thank

optimasi seo said...

What is happening here? btw, based on your experience, what kind of article to be approve???

andy said...

@ optimasi seo: What do you mean bro? If you use Mylot, then you just need to post a thread or reply to other member's thread in the forum. Associated content, you can write anything based on their categories. The last one, reviewstream is a product review site. So, you have to write a product review based on their categories and sell it to them.

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