Traffic Tactics: The Secret to Drive Targeted Website Traffic

Are you a webmaster or blogger? If the answer is yes, you would require seo techniques and promotion methods to get targeted website traffic. So do I, who kept trying to optimize Andy's blog in order to improve the SERP in several major search engines. Actually, I have some seo tips or traffic methods to get traffic for free from a search engine (organic traffic). Some step that I describe in this article represents a unique way to optimize your website or blog.

To optimize a website or blog, you can perform three major ways to build traffic, such as:

1. Create Manual Traffic
This is the traffic that you get manually after doing optimization on your website or blog. For example, implement seo techniques, create high quality articles (rich keywords, use keyword density, anchor text, unique article, etc.), promotes your website (social networking, give a comment, social bookmarking, article directory, submit to the web and blog directory, submit to rss aggregator, email your subscriber list, press releases, etc.). This is a unique traffic and targeted website traffic that will improve your blog or website SERP in the search engine. You certainly can get many benefits from the manual traffic based on your first purpose to create a website.

2. Buy Traffic
You can buy traffic to advertise your website in several advertising companies. Some of them are PPC advertising, buying text or banners ads, renting an opt-in email list from any webmaster or email list service, find outsourcing company or freelancer to build your website in order to get traffic, etc. This method will get you some instant traffic and usually very suitable for you who provide a service or sell a product in order to get profit from it.

However, you must be careful when trying to advertise your website, choose wisely and do a research before you buy traffic from advertising companies, it is intended to save your money and use the best company so you can get the expected results. Now, it all depends on you to select the types of services and what kind of advertising method that will give an effective result to get traffic to your website. You need to know and choose the most appropriate campaign to promote your website in order to maximize your budget to get the best result.

3. Borrow Traffic
This is a unique way to get traffic, you can borrow traffic through trading ezine or newsletter ads, create a joint ventures with other webmaster or bloggers and offers them to trade post. A good place to start is a forum, you must be active members first to enhance the credibility of your profile in the forum, after that you can offer this method and explain the benefits to other forum members.

You may also create personal offers to a webmaster or blogger to trade traffic, but of course you have to build a good relationship with them. You can do so by frequently visiting their website, give comments on their articles and communicate each other. This method is quite powerful, and I have gained the benefit through communicate each other with other bloggers. Borrow traffic is one of the unique traffic tactics that will make your website or blog better in the search engine or a community.

I also have some other unique ways to get traffic for free, especially to increase web traffic by performing seo techniques effectively. As you know, websites need backlinks to increase the position in the search engine. You should have quality backlinks to get visitors from a search engine, this is the hardest part because search engines are now full of competition. So, we must be clever to choose a specific niche blog or website and use seo techniques to increase popularity of your web.

Below are some tips that you can try and implement to increase organic visitors:
1. Get high pagerank backlink (I suggest pagerank 3 or higher). You can do this manually by searching through a search engine or buy package, for example, use Angela backlink service.
2. Persuade readers or visitors to subscribe to your rss feed, you can do it by give them something special for free and tell them the benefit for long term.
3. Catch subscribers using an opt-in list
4. Post a hot topic in the technorati to your blog and ping it as soon as possible.
5. Give some rewards for active readers in your website
6. Submit your website to free review sites
7. Use low competitive keywords but give effective results for your niche in each article.
8. Submit your blog or web banner into
9. Use and to bookmark your new article automatically to some major bookmarking sites. This is a free service to submit your article into bookmaking sites. You will get quality backlinks by using this service and also some bookmarking traffic.
10. Create one unique article and rewrite it. Then, submit your article into some article directories, such as ezine articles, goarticles and article snatch. If you don’t have time, you can do this by outsource the work to other people, you can find many threads about something like this in the major forum like Digital Point or Warrior forum for a cheap price.

Actually there are still many ways and seo tips to get targeted website traffic. This is a proof of what I have done to optimize this blog:

The result is not bad although I still have to optimize it to get better results. However, this statistic has been increasing seo ranking of this blog in the search engine, but I keep continuing to implement some unique ways regularly to improve my blog SERP so it can get a routine traffic from search engines, especially Google. I applied some traffic tactics and seo tips through traffic tips report instructions. Many unique ways that you can get and never been discussed before in the internet. If you do the steps inside, of course you can increase the ranking of your website or blog so you can turn it into an online income source. Thank

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Blog Directory said...

In this article author has defined how to increase traffic and improve your site ranking. It really helped me a lot to understand it.

Muhammad Ahmad Sodikin said...

It really put into context how to increase your website traffic by managing it manually,buying,or borrowing a certain package. The author gives direct method guiding especially for small enterprise entity. We are not playing in volume games, but still little money invested will give a substantial effect on the whole internet businesses. Cheers. said...

I don't think Google really likes people who buy links. Better stick with free links and some link exchange.

Anne Ahira said...

I guess blogwalking is the easiest way to get organic traffic. It is legal, fast, and loved by Google.

nick said...

Great stuff.....

I like it...

just one addition.... create blog and enter your blog to some directory like or

if you have not already done that. many people will be able to find your blogs.

keep posting.....


Anonymous said...

Yeah, these techniques all sound like great traffic builders. But I'm a little unsure I'm going to be able to handle all of this stuff on my own. I guess now I at least know what to look for in the best seo company out there. Thanks

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