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There are many ways to earn cash online, from writing, marketing (affiliate programs, pay per lead or CPA, create a product), freelance, paid to click, survey, contextual ads, blog, membership website, etc. However, you need to research for the best program based on your skills and interests. Most people want to earn easy money fast without have to do anything but that is impossible, you need to work hard and always learn to create a long term profit. If you find any websites or program that offering a great income without have to do anything, than you should be aware because there are many scammer that will use this opportunity to create scam websites to attract more people with the lure of getting money easily. So it's best to do a research before you join a program, especially if it requires front payment to join. One of the favorite ways to earn money online is marketing. There are several types that can be done in the marketing field and one of my favorites is through pay per lead program.

Pay per lead program is one of the advertising methods to get members in large numbers and fast. As for publishers, this is a good source to gain online income because it is quite easy, and you can earn easy money by using this method. However, most of the pay per lead programs use the CPA website to help the process. CPA website uses some requirements for blogger and webmaster in order to be their members, such as, use English language for the primary content, use a premium domain for your blog, the minimum daily traffic requirements and the most important stage is the phone conversations with the affiliate manager. Normally, he would ask a few questions about your skills in marketing and what methods that you will use to promote their programs.

All of these requirements are difficult enough for bloggers who have not had many visitors and still use the free domain for their blog. However, you do not have to be discouraged because there are always new programs or membership websites that require members to promote their websites. These websites usually offer a pay per lead affiliate program for free within a certain time period. The system is similar to the CPA, but usually do not require any requirements. One of the pay per lead programs that you can try is Imcrew. This website is still in pre-launch stage and offers pay per lead commission for every person whom you refer for free. This program will only run until the end of July because this website will be officially launched in early August.

What are the benefits that can you get as a member? Actually, when I saw this website, it looks very simple. This website does not have any menus yet besides the member profile menu, but I can get a lot of information through their FAQ. According to their FAQ, Imcrew is an innovative system to learn new methods to earn cash online. They will provide step by step instructions after it is officially launched in the 1st of August. It seems that every member will be provided with some articles, and then they will give more details instruction about how and where to use their articles.

Ok, lets back to their pay per lead program, this website will offer $2 for every person who joins under your affiliate link. As I wrote above, this website will only offer this pay per lead program until the end of this month. After the website is officially launched, you will get 20% from the income of each member that you refer. This website use Paypal as the payment method and you will get paid on 30th of the following month after you reach $20, this means you will get paid at the end of August for the first payment. You can also use wire transfer as an alternative payment method. If you choose via wire transfer, then you should get $100 to request your money and they will deduct $8 from the money that you earned.

There are some requirements that you need to know to earn easy money from this pay per lead program. First, when you refer a member, you will get $2 in your account but this is still in pending status and then it will turn into real money in early August. Second, your referrals should active until 15th August and they get at least 50 article views. So, each member and their referrals should promote the article provided by Imcrew and get at least 50 visitors to their articles. You should use the right promotion method so you can get good referrals which are really interested to join this program.

I think their system base on CPM program, because you will get paid $0.002 for every visitor that you bring to their articles. This is like other CPM based content writer, but you don’t have to create any articles to get paid. So, your job is just to promote their articles based on their step by step instructions. Looks like this website will be a good program in the future and you can earn easy money here based on their explanation. I will update more information after they officially launched.

Now, you just need to invite your friends to join and get benefits from this program. Oh, I almost forgot one thing. In this pre-launch stage Imcrew also give each member $10 bonus for the participation. So you only need to refer five members to get paid in the next month. Keep spirited and work hard if you want to earn cash online. Thank


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