Get Paid To Write Online (Part.1)

One of the easy ways to make money online is through writing article. Especially for a blogger that has made writing as routine activity. Actually, writing has become one of my hobbies, so now I optimize it to get online income. I have been joined with some websites to make money from writing or selling articles.

You can use media such as blog or website and monetize it using paid to blog website, or you can publish/sell articles on a particular website. However, I do not use paid to blog website anymore because it has negative effects for my blog. It will decrease the PageRank, lower blog SERP in major search engines, and also disturbs our loyal readers. Actually, the income generated through paid to blog website may be greater but for the long term this system is very risky for a blog or website in compared to other pay to write websites. Meanwhile, search engines do not like it because sometimes the article or review that blogger created does not comply with the niche blogs so it does not provide the appropriate information for Internet users.

Here are some websites that you can use to get money online and have been proven over two years paying their members:

1. Mylot
If you want to get extra income easily, then you can try Mylot. This is a web discussion or like a forum exactly that pays members for every activity in the website. I've joined a few months in Mylot and already got paid several times. You will be paid for every activity, for example, making a new thread, reply a thread and finish a task from the employer.

Although the pay rate of each post is small ($0,01-$0,02), depending on the quality of questions and answers that you provide), but you can get $1 in one day faster than you think. Mylot does not limit how much you post thread or reply. However, you don’t have to force it, just do this appropriately so that the website continues to run smoothly and may keep paying members.

There are a few tips to get money faster in Mylot. First, you should create a useful reply to another member. If you create a good reply and chosen as the best answer by the thread creator, then you can get a higher pay rate. For example, I've only posted 10 replies in one day, and received two best answers from the thread creator, and that day I got $0,18. This means, two of my answers get $0,04. Second, you should create a thread which can attract other members to create an answer, and you can do some tasks that were made by the employer. In addition you can also use the referral system from Mylot. You can get 25% earnings from each member that you refer.

Actually, the earning calculation in Mylot is only known by their team, because it depends on the revenue gained from contextual ads on each thread. Mylot will pay you on 30 net days after you reach $10, and here is my fifth payment from mylot.

Well, it's OK for me, because I only use it to discuss with other members about anything. It's fun because you can socialize, have new friends, increase your knowledge and get extra income. So, if you're interested you can join with more than 190 000 other members including me.

2. Associated Content
This is one of my favorite sites before, associated content pay you to publish articles in their website. There are two ways to get money, first, you could sell articles to them based on their category, but this only applies to the USA citizens. The pay rate is quite good, usually $3-$20 per articles that accepted. International member can get money from the CPM basis or pay-per-performance system. You will get paid per 1000 views from the article that you have created.

You can get $1,5-$2,5 per 1000 views based on your cloud level. This is including the USA citizens, and you can double your income with this site.

You will be paid after you have reached $1,5 in your account, and you can request manually or automatically (if you’re setting it up into automatic payment) in the next 15 days of the following month. I've got paid several times from this site, this is payment proof1 and payment proof2. However right now I don’t active in this site anymore, this is because associated content more restrictive with international members.

However, international member is still able to use this website, but you must apply first to become a professional contributor based on your expertise. You can only write about your expertise, and before you accepted there are some requirements that you should know. Some of the requirements are excellent English writing skills (grammar and spelling), send a professional resume or portfolio about your expertise, etc. That's why I am not active and did not get paid anymore until I submit an application into their system (maybe I will try later). Overall, this website remains one of the favorite websites for writers to get online income.

3. Reviewstream
In reviewstream you can write and sell articles about any product reviewed based on the categories they provide. The site is very simple, no complex menus and all information regarding your account can be viewed by entering your email. The first step, you must create your penname as the identity for each article that you created, then enter your paypal email each time you submit an article (You can use it to contact them, get review information, account information, balance information, and request a payout) to reviewstream.

Usually they will buy your article for $2 each, but now they raise it to $2,5 each article. You will get paid when your account balance reaches $50 into your paypal account. I've been paid several times on this site, you may check my reviewstream payment proof, and you will receive the payment a couple of hours after your payment requests. This is very good for you who need fast and extra money. However, it seems the payout rate is a bit too high for me.

However, this website is not separated from the pros and cons, many members have been paid several times for their contribution including me, but when I search into the search engine, there are some members complain about their system. I don’t know why but it is usually about their approval system. Actually, this website needs three days to assess the review that you submit into on their system.

I have some tips before you submit a review, you should first learn about the tips to create a valuable review. For example, you can see some articles from other members who had been approved by this site, or read the tutorial sections. So, you will know and could create an article based on their rules and expectation.

You should express yourself when creating a review, don’t just write about the product specification (electronic) but tell about your personal experience, pros and cons about the product, etc. Use these tips to create a good recommendation story for readers.

I also prefer not to choose bulk rate payment, because the pay rate is 1/5 from the basic rate ($0.5). If my article is rejected, I can fix it and add it with some sentences, so it will be more detailed and specific. This method proved successful when my article was rejected by reviewstream. I try to fix it and submit it once more to the site. Three days later, my article is accepted and paid with normal rate. This method also helped you learn how to create a valuable review, so you can create a better article and will not be rejected by this site. Thank


Traffic Tactics: The Secret to Drive Targeted Website Traffic

Are you a webmaster or blogger? If the answer is yes, you would require seo techniques and promotion methods to get targeted website traffic. So do I, who kept trying to optimize Andy's blog in order to improve the SERP in several major search engines. Actually, I have some seo tips or traffic methods to get traffic for free from a search engine (organic traffic). Some step that I describe in this article represents a unique way to optimize your website or blog.

To optimize a website or blog, you can perform three major ways to build traffic, such as:

1. Create Manual Traffic
This is the traffic that you get manually after doing optimization on your website or blog. For example, implement seo techniques, create high quality articles (rich keywords, use keyword density, anchor text, unique article, etc.), promotes your website (social networking, give a comment, social bookmarking, article directory, submit to the web and blog directory, submit to rss aggregator, email your subscriber list, press releases, etc.). This is a unique traffic and targeted website traffic that will improve your blog or website SERP in the search engine. You certainly can get many benefits from the manual traffic based on your first purpose to create a website.

2. Buy Traffic
You can buy traffic to advertise your website in several advertising companies. Some of them are PPC advertising, buying text or banners ads, renting an opt-in email list from any webmaster or email list service, find outsourcing company or freelancer to build your website in order to get traffic, etc. This method will get you some instant traffic and usually very suitable for you who provide a service or sell a product in order to get profit from it.

However, you must be careful when trying to advertise your website, choose wisely and do a research before you buy traffic from advertising companies, it is intended to save your money and use the best company so you can get the expected results. Now, it all depends on you to select the types of services and what kind of advertising method that will give an effective result to get traffic to your website. You need to know and choose the most appropriate campaign to promote your website in order to maximize your budget to get the best result.

3. Borrow Traffic
This is a unique way to get traffic, you can borrow traffic through trading ezine or newsletter ads, create a joint ventures with other webmaster or bloggers and offers them to trade post. A good place to start is a forum, you must be active members first to enhance the credibility of your profile in the forum, after that you can offer this method and explain the benefits to other forum members.

You may also create personal offers to a webmaster or blogger to trade traffic, but of course you have to build a good relationship with them. You can do so by frequently visiting their website, give comments on their articles and communicate each other. This method is quite powerful, and I have gained the benefit through communicate each other with other bloggers. Borrow traffic is one of the unique traffic tactics that will make your website or blog better in the search engine or a community.

I also have some other unique ways to get traffic for free, especially to increase web traffic by performing seo techniques effectively. As you know, websites need backlinks to increase the position in the search engine. You should have quality backlinks to get visitors from a search engine, this is the hardest part because search engines are now full of competition. So, we must be clever to choose a specific niche blog or website and use seo techniques to increase popularity of your web.

Below are some tips that you can try and implement to increase organic visitors:
1. Get high pagerank backlink (I suggest pagerank 3 or higher). You can do this manually by searching through a search engine or buy package, for example, use Angela backlink service.
2. Persuade readers or visitors to subscribe to your rss feed, you can do it by give them something special for free and tell them the benefit for long term.
3. Catch subscribers using an opt-in list
4. Post a hot topic in the technorati to your blog and ping it as soon as possible.
5. Give some rewards for active readers in your website
6. Submit your website to free review sites
7. Use low competitive keywords but give effective results for your niche in each article.
8. Submit your blog or web banner into
9. Use and to bookmark your new article automatically to some major bookmarking sites. This is a free service to submit your article into bookmaking sites. You will get quality backlinks by using this service and also some bookmarking traffic.
10. Create one unique article and rewrite it. Then, submit your article into some article directories, such as ezine articles, goarticles and article snatch. If you don’t have time, you can do this by outsource the work to other people, you can find many threads about something like this in the major forum like Digital Point or Warrior forum for a cheap price.

Actually there are still many ways and seo tips to get targeted website traffic. This is a proof of what I have done to optimize this blog:

The result is not bad although I still have to optimize it to get better results. However, this statistic has been increasing seo ranking of this blog in the search engine, but I keep continuing to implement some unique ways regularly to improve my blog SERP so it can get a routine traffic from search engines, especially Google. I applied some traffic tactics and seo tips through traffic tips report instructions. Many unique ways that you can get and never been discussed before in the internet. If you do the steps inside, of course you can increase the ranking of your website or blog so you can turn it into an online income source. Thank


Driving Traffic to Your Affiliate Marketing Site - The Key Seven Ways

Author: Michael McCleve

Affiliate marketers need traffic just like every other online marketer. Having the perfectly-targeted traffic is even more crucial. Pay attention to each of these seven key ways for driving highly focused traffic and you'll find tremendous success in your affiliate marketing business.

Search Engine Traffic - The First Key
Many affiliate marketers will spend a fortune on pay-per-click advertising, ezine advertising, and even offline advertising before they even begin to think about the power of search engine traffic. Search engines should not be ignored when putting together your traffic plan. Getting ranked highly in the search engines is a critical component for building link popularity, developing long-term and sustainable traffic, as well as getting the right person to visit your site. Of course, using keywords targeted to the product you are promoting is vitally important.

Exchanging Links - The Second Key
Developing partnerships with other webmasters is another excellent method for getting traffic to your own site. It does, of course, take some work to find other sites that are in a similar niche as you without them being your competition, but developing a relationship with just such webmasters can pay handsomely! Once you've found the right web sites, contact the owner personally. Individualize any email you send to the owner. Don't just send out some template-built, canned email asking to exchange links. Build the relationship and offer to put up a link for them, first. Tell them what you'll do for them. Then, as trust grows, you are in a position to ask them to put a link up for you.

Article Marketing - The Third Key
When you advertise your site through writing articles and posting them in multiple article directories, you're building long-term exposure and powerful backlinks to your site. People do go searching for good content and are willing to visit the site listed at the bottom of a well-written article to learn more from the author. When that link takes the reader to a high-value gift, or freebie, then you're most likely to get them on your email list where you can continue to build a relationship with them and they'll be more likely to want to buy something from you.

Joint Venture Partnerships - The Fourth Key
The joint venture partnership takes the exchanging links strategy to an entirely different level. This powerful effective method for getting traffic starts by developing a strong relationship with others in your industry, or niche, who offer related products and services without being direct competitors to what you are doing. It does take a similar amount of work to find the right people, build a relationship with them, and set up the mutually beneficial partnership, but it's well worth it in the end!

Joining Affiliate Programs - The Fifth Key
When you are part of a larger, more expansive affiliate program you leverage the power of an entire army of affiliates working to drive massive amounts of traffic to your site. You can also develop relationships with other affiliates, work together to develop new traffic strategies, and make some extra money by promoting their products, too.

Email Marketing - The Sixth Key
An affiliate marketer's most powerful tool is the autoresponder. You absolutely must have a reliable service that helps you capture the names and email addresses of visitors coming to your site. Don't ever send someone directly to your affiliate page where the product is introduced and sold to the visitor. Always send them to a squeeze page where you offer them a freebie, or high-value gift, in exchange for their email address. Then, of course, the next page can be your affiliate product offering. This way, even if they don't buy what you're offering, you still have their email address for following up and continuing to build a relationship with them.

Market Expertise - The Seventh Key
Knowing your market, the demographics of your ideal buyer, and understanding where they hang out online is another solid way of getting traffic to your affiliate site. The more you know about your potential customer, the more targeted your traffic can be. It also means less work you have to do in convincing the visitor to your site that what you're offering is what they are looking for. Why? Because you've done your homework on the front end, narrowing down your potential visitor first.Advancing your affiliate marketing success will come by employing key traffic-generating tools. Using search engine traffic, link exchanges, article marketing, joint venture partnerships, affiliate programs, email marketing, and market expertise will turn the lock and open the door to highly-focused, laser-targeted traffic you need to be successful.

Article Source:

About the AuthorMichael McCleve helps others make money online. He offers free tools to help anyone boost their bottom line and improve their business bottom line.You can get 7 free online marketing tools today. Just visit:


Market Research: Proven Step Before Promoting An Affiliate Product

As a blogger, I am managing to build this blog frequently. My target is to monetize the blog with a variety of ways. One of the favorite ways to monetize website or blog is by following some affiliate programs for certain product categories. This is one of the most popular ways for webmasters and bloggers to increase their online income.

Before you start it, you should realize that promoting an affiliate program is not easy as you imagine. Before selecting and promoting a product you need to do a market research first. This is to provide you more knowledge, prepare and choose the best programs that match your interests. Market research can help you determine how big the demand of visitors about your affiliate product and how tight the competition you may encounter.

There are several ways that you can do to conduct market research:

1. Observe the market situation.
Follow the latest information about the market situation related to a product that you want to promote. Find merchants that have the best sales figures. Learn the testimonial or opinion from the experts about the superior products. You can use search engine and forum to get more helpful information.

2. Search the demand of a product.
In assessing the demand for products you should create a list of keywords related to your products. You can use Keyword Selector Tool, for example, Google's keyword external tool, keyword tracker, overture or nichebot software (premium keyword tool).

3. Level of competition
Once you know the popularity of your product, you should continue your research by looking at the competition among sellers. There are two ways you can do to determine the level of the competition.

First you can find out in sponsored ads (search engine).
Sponsored ads (paid search listing) can be used to search for your competitor's affiliate list. You can use popular search engines for paid search listing. Normally, this menu is located at the top right corner and marked "Sponsored Results". Furthermore, you can enter keywords that you've created. If you use yahoo or google adword keyword external tool , you can see how your competitors are already advertising and bidding. It would be better if you enter a specific keyword to get more targeted results.

Second, you can use a manual search in the search engine.
Manual search will help you to know how many competitors using the same keyword in your niche. You can get the top ten results in the first page of search engine, and then you can learn to analyze how strong they are. Market research is very important and can help the marketing process become more effective. This is also to avoid the following result:

1. Products that you offer do not get good respond because it was old and not up-to-date.
2. You do not know how to get target consumer.
3. The high level of competition made it difficult for you in getting the sale.

Finally, you will get good respond if you keep promoting your program to target consumers and give something valuable for them.


Step by Step Plan to Monetize Blog

In conducting blogging activities, you should make careful planning before launching your website or blog. By preparing a plan then you can specify the goals and targets of the blog. It is purposes so you can be successful in obtaining optimal results.

As you know a blog can be monetized through various ways such as affiliate programs, contextual advertising, Amazon Associates, eBay affiliates, paid reviews as well as direct advertising. To turn a blog into a profitable tool is not easy as you think, you need step by step plan to achieve the objective.

The early plan that you should do as the following:

Keyword Research

To achieve a satisfactory result from the activity of blogging for money, you have to research the main keyword for your blog. You need time to do keyword research using keyword tools that are available for free like the Wordtracker Free Keyword Tool and Google Keyword external tool. Once you get the main keyword for your blog, make a few articles that discuss about your keyword interest.

Getting Traffic

Traffic is a major thing for your blog. First you can use the Social Bookmarking and Social Networking website like StumbleUpon, Digg, MyBlogLog, Delicious and forum. This website is free and have many visitors every day. If your article is unique and interesting, of course many people will be interested to visit it.

Build Backlinks

To improve the quality of the blog, a blogger should develop quality backlink in accordance with the search engine regulations. If your blog/website has many qualities backlinks then you will get many visitors regularly, especially organic traffic that coming from search engines. A Blogger should use seo techniques to improve the quality of the blog on search engines. Some other ways to get quality backlinks is to register your blog into blog/web directories, become a guess blogger on another blog, make comments on other blogs or through social networking and post an article in famous article directory (ezine articles, go-articles and article base). You should also write articles regularly in your blog, because search engines love fresh articles that useful for readers.

Search engine optimization

One effective way to optimize a blog on search engine is by creating internal links between each article of your blog. Create links using your main keywords as anchor text so that your blog can rank high on search engines. In addition, from the first time you should use SEO techniques on your blog, and if you follow the affiliate's program, do not forget to make all your affiliate links with tag "no-follow" so your on-site linking goes well.

PPC Advertising

If you want to get traffic quickly you can use PPC advertising through advertising programs like Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Adbrite or Bidvertiser. The objective is to attract more visitors to your blog. To use PPC advertising or other advertising programs, you must have a blog or programs that attract the target audience so that the process of promotion and marketing blog become effective.

Traffic Analysis

To know the development of your blogs, you should use a traffic analyzer tool like Google Analytics. Google analytics can help the blogger or webmaster to analyze a wide range of factors in your blog, such as the origin of visitors, the number of visitors, top keywords of your blog in search engine, bounce rate, etc. This statistic can help you to be more focus on your blog and to keep satisfying your readers.

Finally, you should do all these steps repeatedly. After that you can monetize your blog as you wish, but keep your blog identity to maintain your loyal readers.


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