Easy Method to Improve Quality Backlink in Major Search Engine

Many people start to create a blog or website each day and the number are increasing each year. Its mean more competitors and tight competition in the niche that you are selected. So you need more than creativity to get in to the top SERP. Many bloggers try to make a good content and optimize their website with SEO technique. These are great methods to build your own blog/web to increasing the ranking.

However, have you notice or realize the main purpose to do this activity regularly. Because to maximize this activity, you have to focus on the goal or target that you want to achieve. For example, if your target to get profit from blog or website, then you must create a plan, whether a short term or a long term plan. You should try to focus for the plan that you created. Actually, the key to get higher position in search engine is come from backlink. Even so, not just backlink but quality backlink, then you can increase your traffic to your web/blog.

However, I have an experienced with a system that can pull of the weight task into an easy task to grow and maintain a web/blog. This is just one of the best alternatives that I had used to grow my website. Let’s continue to my explanation, this system called 3 way links that created by one of the famous internet marketer John Leger. The main purpose of the system is to put your website/blog in his network for sometime to get quality backlink from other webmasters or blogger automatically. So, it’s just like ordinary link exchange if we see this system from the outside.

However, there some different that make this system unique to me, first the network can help your website to rank in a number of several ways, and after you have been in the network for some time, you will see that your website is moving up through the search engine results without any extra effort on your part. The networks are kept small so that they are untraceable and there are no footprints on the pages which contain the incoming link. This makes the network very secure. The second, 3 way links will get you backlinks without having to give a reciprocal link in return. As long as you have minimal two web pages from your website that are indexed in the search engines, you can submit it for approval. A simple PHP page that is placed on your website will begin to add links automatically and gradually.

These links will be content rich and keyword specific, which will help you in your search engine rankings. Although they are not targeting specific niches, you're guaranteed to have links on your web pages that are coming from websites with page rank.

The system also lets you set up to fifty domains inside their network for the regular price. I had tested it before with put in my website. And then just one month afterward, the traffic was increased to the website. Before you step further; I should show you the keyword selection method so that you realize the key reason why I was starting to get fired up. If you use the system, you choose about three keywords that may supply for your anchor-text directing for your website. The main keyword you choose might be implemented about 65% of that time period, the second keyword will likely be utilized 25% of the time, and then the third keyword shall be used 5% of time.

So as time goes by. In the second or third month, I just want to check my statistic of my website. And for additional info, the website that I test in the system wasn’t optimized for the term in any way. I had deemed that word too difficult to get top ten rankings for. However, I had used the keyword healthy tips as my secondary keyword in the 3 way link's system. When I investigated where the traffic was coming from, it was all from Google. I had reached the top 40 of Google for the term healthy tips without even trying.

Now, I am full recommending 3 Way Links, because this system works, and it works extremely well. This system can get you top ranking in major search engines. Especially in Google's search engine, because you will get huge traffic to your site.

Before you join, I have some additional info that you should know about the system:

1 This is exactly still a link exchange. Yes, it really works greatly much better than standard reciprocal link exchanges but at the end of the day it's still a link exchange technique. However, you should do this link exchange normally and don’t to be much excessive. You can read the Google rule first for more detail.

2 You still require some other backlinks. Use this system as a support system from your manual backlink method. With this synchronization then you will get better results and will boost your seo ranking.

3 If you want to increase your Pagerank, then don’t use this system.

4. You still require knowledge in basic web programming. Because there will be some tutorials inside this system, and it’s just a simple one.

3 way link is proven system that works to help a webmaster get quality backlink, although you will not get a number one ranking for a very difficult keyword, it can certainly give you a boost for the long tail and get you additional traffic into your website by increasing the seo ranking in major search engine and convert it into the huge targeted traffic into your site.

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belajar blog said...

good artcle your posting broo, link building good

Website Designing Company said...

I hope I got my pagerank back in the next update when i got quality backlink. Thanks for the post.

improve search engine rankings said...

great post there, i enjoyed it. improving search engine rankings and seo one of the essene in internet marketing these days. no one on the internet can do well without it

ERP Companies said...

Really this is very useful post. I am finding theme related websites then sending him email for link exchange.


nitip Link said...

Thanks you. but i have another methodes to get hundreds quality backlink.

you can visit my blog to read it.

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