Market Research: Proven Step Before Promoting An Affiliate Product

As a blogger, I am managing to build this blog frequently. My target is to monetize the blog with a variety of ways. One of the favorite ways to monetize website or blog is by following some affiliate programs for certain product categories. This is one of the most popular ways for webmasters and bloggers to increase their online income.

Before you start it, you should realize that promoting an affiliate program is not easy as you imagine. Before selecting and promoting a product you need to do a market research first. This is to provide you more knowledge, prepare and choose the best programs that match your interests. Market research can help you determine how big the demand of visitors about your affiliate product and how tight the competition you may encounter.

There are several ways that you can do to conduct market research:

1. Observe the market situation.
Follow the latest information about the market situation related to a product that you want to promote. Find merchants that have the best sales figures. Learn the testimonial or opinion from the experts about the superior products. You can use search engine and forum to get more helpful information.

2. Search the demand of a product.
In assessing the demand for products you should create a list of keywords related to your products. You can use Keyword Selector Tool, for example, Google's keyword external tool, keyword tracker, overture or nichebot software (premium keyword tool).

3. Level of competition
Once you know the popularity of your product, you should continue your research by looking at the competition among sellers. There are two ways you can do to determine the level of the competition.

First you can find out in sponsored ads (search engine).
Sponsored ads (paid search listing) can be used to search for your competitor's affiliate list. You can use popular search engines for paid search listing. Normally, this menu is located at the top right corner and marked "Sponsored Results". Furthermore, you can enter keywords that you've created. If you use yahoo or google adword keyword external tool , you can see how your competitors are already advertising and bidding. It would be better if you enter a specific keyword to get more targeted results.

Second, you can use a manual search in the search engine.
Manual search will help you to know how many competitors using the same keyword in your niche. You can get the top ten results in the first page of search engine, and then you can learn to analyze how strong they are. Market research is very important and can help the marketing process become more effective. This is also to avoid the following result:

1. Products that you offer do not get good respond because it was old and not up-to-date.
2. You do not know how to get target consumer.
3. The high level of competition made it difficult for you in getting the sale.

Finally, you will get good respond if you keep promoting your program to target consumers and give something valuable for them.

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