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In this opportunity I would like to share my opinion about Blogsvertise. This is a website that help two sides (advertiser and Blogger) to achieve their goals. For advertisers, Blogsvertise can be use as a way to promote website and well known to the public. The promotion it self done by blogger by creating a review about the website and put in the blog.

I think this is good way for promoting the website, because in addition to introduce the website through a review but it can also be use as an input and advice for the advertiser on the advantages and disadvantages of the website. So, advertiser can learn more and improve the quality of the website. For blogger, you can join Blogsvertise for free. There are some things that you need know to become a member of Blogsvertise:

1. Fill out the registration form
2. Blogsvertise has recommend some free blog websites that can be used as member.
3. Have a Paypal account
4. Make review about Blogsvertise when processing of approval.
5. Blogsvertise takes 24 hours for approval process

In addition, Blogsvertise can also receive a blog but in the probation status. This applies to blog that still new (less than 60 days in Google) and just create a few posting. Blogsvertise will provide an opportunity for 60 days to develop the blog. The review payout for probation blog will be smaller than normal status. Probation blog can get 2 dollar for approved review and completed assignment. After the trial end blogger can contact blogsvertise to change the status to be normal. And they will review the blog once more and make a decision.

For the payment range between 4-20 dollars each review, but normally will be 5-15 dollars each review. The amount of payment is determined from some factors for example, blog traffic, alexa, quality of the blog and the task assignment result. So, you can get a higher rate if your blog have criteria that mention before. And Blogsvertise will make a payment in 30 days after the task has been approved to your paypal account.

Well, if you are a blogger this is one of a good way to monetize your blog and increase your income, get more valuable knowledge from advertiser website and become a good writer. And for advertiser this also a good way to promote your website, get traffic from around the world and also improving your website.

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Andy said...

nice info sob...aku juga dah ikut..

Andy said...

thank ya angga, emang blogsvertise juga bisa dijadiin lahan buat nambah income..yang penting sabar dan terus tingkatin kualitas blog baik dari isinya, trafik maupun rangkingnya dimata google

Andy said...

Nice post...And Nice Blog I like this blog
And I had followed you

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